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  1. Thanks! Please make a post on /r/gonewild linking to this photo with [banner] somewhere in the title and then we can add you to the banner!

  2. Hi /u/dcv0917 – mod here – this was auto spam filtered because it was generating user reports and you do not have the ~verified~ flair. Please have her do a verification post to help confirm they know and are cool with being posted here. Directions: Nudetorial (w/ pictures!): (If you have questions please use the message-the-moderators link in the sidebar, we do not always see comment responses in these cases) important – /r/gonewild is for visible nudity this is off-topic for here – please delete

  3. Please remember to gender-tag ([f], [m], [?] or [cd]) your posts (rule #6 in the sidebar). We can't add a tag afterwards – please delete and resubmit. Thanks! If you have problems reposting a valid picture try verifying your email address with reddit at

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